The Live4Evan Organization was formed out of a desire to recognize and support the critical relationship between a child and their loved ones. We believe that there is no greater gift to be given than a parent’s love to a child. And we understand the importance of staying by a child’s side without having to worry about the additional burdens that life can place on us. And so, our organization works tirelessly to provide financial and emotional support to families by providing them with temporary housing while their child receives congenital cardiac treatment.


Evan Girardi was born on October 4th 1989 with a congenital heart defect (CHD) known as Corrected L-Transposition of the Great Arteries. Like many babies born with a CHD, Evan’s cardiac abnormality had gone undetected until delivery. His parents, Barbara and Michael, were told that chances were high that their son wouldn’t make it to his 1st birthday unless he received major corrective surgery. Unfortunately at the time, this type of surgery did not yet exist.

Evan’s family prepared for an uncertain future, but much to his doctor’s astonishment and his family’s delight, Evan grew up to be a happy, bright, and active child who rarely showed any signs of having a heart defect. He was an avid sports fan who enjoyed hanging with friends and spending time with family — genuinely loving life. Sadly, By Evan’s senior year of high school the complex defect had begun to have negative effects on his heart, and his doctors recommended he undergo open heart surgery.

Following this surgery, Evan spent 3 years receiving ongoing medical treatment. He continued living his life to the fullest despite having to spend many long nights in the hospital. He attended Loyola University, held summer internships at EMC Corporation, and studied abroad in Italy. Along the way, he inspired countless people with his positive attitude and kind-hearted actions.

On September 6, 2010, Evan died from a heart arrhythmia during his senior year at college. Rather than allow Evan’s passing to put an end to the life and legacy that Evan had built, his friends and family formed Live4Evan to serve as a testament to the power of relationships and the importance of having loved ones by your side.


Anyone who knew Evan will tell you about his contagious smile and his joyous and humble attitude that he brought to every situation. Evan was someone who truly valued relationships and building lifelong connections. That was his gift to us, and that’s what the Live4Evan Organization wants to give to families of children with Congenital Heart Disease: an opportunity to love and support their children through a stressful and emotional time. That is #EVANSWAY!


To provide temporary housing for families of children with congenital heart disease.


A world where children receive cardiac care with family by their side.


We provide temporary housing for families of children with congenital heart disease who need to travel into the Boston area to get their child care. #EVANSWAY


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100% of your money provides housing for families of children with heart disease.

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